I love the Olympics. I love all sports… well that might be an exaggeration, but I can become literally fascinated by practically any sport when it’s being played out by the world’s best. So with ten and a half thousand athletes taking part in twenty six sports over seventeen days *, the Olympics is close to my idea of heaven; it’s just missing a Olivia Wilde (the actress) and a never ending pile of spicy fat-free chicken wings.

So when I heard the Olympics were coming to my wonderful city you’d think I’d of been over joyed. Although the thought of us stumping up over £24bn, millions of commuters struggling to get to work and it’s legacy being an 80,000 capacity stadium gathering cobwebs in East London had me a little less than frilled. But with every day that goes by and with every step taken by the torchbearers I get a little more excited; excited that London will host the world’s greatest athletes and over a million spectators. That for so many incredible athletes years of training, hopes and dreams will reach a climatic ending in the city I live in. I couldn’t be looking forward to the 27th of July anymore and hope the rest of London is as excited.

Words by Alex McCormick 

Image via katu.com