Ace Hotels come to Shoreditch

One of our favourite places to stay in New York, Ace Hotel, ┬áhave just announced plans to open a new location in The Locals neighbourhood – Shoreditch.

The hotel will be located at 100 Shoreditch High Street, ┬átaking over the 10-year-old Crowne Plaza hotel. For those familiar don’t worry the building will undergo a much needed head-to-toe contemporary make-over headed up by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby of Universal Design Studio.

The founders of Bistrotheque – David Waddington and Pablo Flack – will be at the helm of the hotel’s restaurant, bar, and event space, with existing London businesses such as That Flower Shop and Square Mile Coffee Roasters setting up shop alongside them.

Work began on the building in April and the hotel is expected to open in September, but so far Ace Hotel’s co-founder Alex Calderwood has been extremely secretive about how the hotel will look. “East London is historically a place of maker culture: bricks, iron, furniture, textiles,” he said. “Layered on top of that tradition is a culture of ideas: new media, technology, art. Shoreditch is like a USB connection to the globe. That interests me.”

We can’t wait for the opening, and hope they are able to import some the atmosphere that makes the Ace in New York such a great place to grab a drink and hang out.