During Fashion week we had the chance to catch up with internationally acclaimed fashion photographer and cult blogger Yvan Rodic, aka Face Hunter to discuss his relationship with photography. See what he had to say below:


The Locals: What is street photography about for you?

Facehunter: It’s about capturing experiences amongst real people. It’s not about looking for trends but about looking for individual style.

What was your first camera?

FH- A Nikon Film Camera

What is your main subject for street photography? What are you usually looking for?

I look for something unique; personality; I don’t look for trends. I search out that combination of beauty and originality with a hint of soul. I like photographs to have something different.

How do you find your subjects?

I just try to be in the right place at the right time. Going to the major fashion weeks is a great starting point.

 Have you ever offended anyone?

Not often but unfortunately it does sometimes happen. I try to be as smooth and polite as possible, but sometimes, in different countries in particular, it can be tricky. For example, in a country where blogging or street style photography isn’t the norm, people can be a little taken aback by a stranger coming up to them on the street and asking to take their photograph.

When you are shooting, do you have a theme in mind?

I don’t really have a theme in mind; I just try to create the most spectacular image. If I see someone looking really great, I will try to pair the subject with an interesting background. But I try not to get over silly or over prescriptive with a shot. For me, it’s all about improvisation.

Who are your influences?

I’ve been really influenced by the Dutch photographer Rineke Dijkstra. She is a very talented portrait photographer, who manages to use a setting to capture something very simple. There’s something about the simplicity of her photographs which make them very special.

Which is your favourite city to shoot?

I like to shoot in Milan, New York and London because they are so diverse and always offer the unexpected.  I also like Stockholm and Copenhagen because of the simplicity and edge of their street fashion. I’ve recently particularly enjoyed shooting in Sydney. Even though it is a less recognised style capital, I found a lot of cool people to photograph there.

What direction do you think street photography will go in the future?

I think the direction is already fairly visible now, in that street style is becoming more ‘high fashion’. More and more people are beginning to look at the catwalk and absorb what they see into their own style. It’s an interesting evolution.

What other kinds of subject matter do you like to photograph

Besides people, I like to photograph architecture.


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An Interview with Facehunter