Earlier this year I met Emily Brooke, on the Tech Bikers ride from Paris to London (a charity ride to raise money for room to read). Along the way she told me about a brilliant new product she was developing for cyclists called BLAZE. Essentially, BLAZE is a beautifully designed, innovative, and potentially lifesaving bike light for urban cyclists.

In the UK 79% of cyclists are hit when they’re travelling straight ahead and a vehicle manoeuvres into them. This is largely due to cyclists small footprint and position on the road. BLAZE aims to tackle this major cause of cycling fatalities. With its super-bright LEDs and bike symbol, that it projects on to the road ahead of the cyclist, BLAZE helps increase cyclists visibility and helps prevent them from becoming caught in a blind spot.

Within the last few weeks, the Blaze Kickstarter project has raised over £45,000, just shy of double their funding targets. With only 5 days left until the Kickstarter project closes, now is your last chance to be one of the first people to own one of these incredible lights. Go here to find out more