I love the honest weirdness of Norwegian director Kristoffer Borgli’s work. There is something wonderfully disquieting about it, and the angst-laden humour noir video for the new Casiokids single Det Haster! is no exception.

The video follows what appears to be a mysterious youth cult with a very strange, rather “unhealthy” fixation with stuffed toys.In many ways, this is a continuation of the video he did for their song En Vill Hest. Enough from me though….check out what Kristoffer had to say about the new video:

All the way since my first Casiokids video, I started thinking all my videos should be connected, so I have gradually made every film with a little hint of previous work. But it’s always after coming up with an original and stand alone idea that I start connecting them. Like different dreams, but all dreamt the same night.

So the idea for this was to make something about the biological frame of the mind, how growing up under certain conditions has a lot to say on your future, and what you believe in. The teddybear became a symbol of this given frame of your mind, and then I show different possible outcomes connected to the symbol.

It’s maybe a big discussion for music videos, and I don’t think music videos should be a direct forum for social science, so I twisted and turned it around so it would be a music video, and also a music video that fits within that night of dreams.

The brilliant new album from CasioKids “Aabenbaringen Over Aaskammen”, is out now on one of my favourite labels –Polyvinyl.