Crack + Cider and One Good Deed Today, have teamed up to created a pop-up shop to help the homeless as winter approaches and temperatures begin to plummet.

The shop’s name, Crack+Cider, has given the project quite a lot of press already and  was inspired by a homeless person who said; “People don’t give me money because they just think I’ll spend it on crack and cider”.

Cramer and Montanaro, the duo behind the idea want to find a way for londoners to help the homeless in a more effective way. “Even local councils reinforce that giving to rough sleepers contributes to their early death. We knew there must be a better way.”

The store, launched on  November 4th and encourages visitors to buy an item, like a fleece or military-grade waterproof jacket, for one of London’s thousands of rough sleepers. They will also be hosting talks about London’s homeless problem by Stephen Robertson of the Big Issue and award-winning architect James Furzer, who recently created sleeping pods for the homeless. After the store is closed people will also be able to continue buying items for the homeless at the online store.