It’s lunchtime. Your stomach’s rumbling. Your workload is unrelenting. You need something quick and easy, but you don’t just want to grab a boring chicken and bacon sandwich. No, no, especially not when there are better options out there! Lucky for us, our favourite fast lunch place, Pure, has opened a third central London location, making sure that dried out sandwiches are soon to be a thing of lunches past for even more people!

Pure’s new location at 151 Shaftesbury Avenue expands on their successful Soho (Beak Street) and Fitzrovia (Goodge Street) locations. Their stores are all about bringing fresh and fast food to the working crowd, which is why all of their food is prepared on site and just in time to be eaten.  This hasn’t limited their options or stopped them from serving up the food with a side of humour. Choices range from fresh salads, dressed in front of you and with names like the Big Mack and the Hockingly Good, to freshly baked flat breads and creative wheat bran wraps such as the Hail Caesar and the Hummus be Joking.  It doesn’t stop there with a huge number of sides, smoothies, hot meals, breakfasts, and snacks all filling out the menu. This really is much more then what the other ‘fresh’ food chains have to offer.

Pure’s Ready to Go section

Need any more convincing, take a look at one of their latest summer options. The Koh Prawngan Salad pairs king prawns with avocado, sesame ginger noodles, petis pois, broccoli and radish on crunchy Cos lettuce, all coated in the recommended sesame & ginger dressing. Or if a bit of fighting spirit is what you need to get you through the day, the Usain’s Bolt smoothie will pep you up with Pineapple, Banana, Mango and just a hint of mint.

So now is the time to pop into their new location and explore the Summer 2012 menu, or even call ahead for pick up or get food delivered right to your office. It’s a gold medal from us this summer Pure!