A few years ago a group in New York, called Macro-Sea, helped reinvent the term dumpster diving, by using old construction dumpsters to create instant pools; throwing pool parties in undisclosed locations around Brooklyn. The groups mission simply put, is “to do projects we find interesting.”

They created the dumpster pools, as a way of showing people that at no great expense “you can creatively reuse what is basically considered urban detritus to make something really cool and fun.”

Macro-Sea has been involved with a number of artists, architects and retailers across the US working to transform defunct strip malls. “By stripping and altering its [strip malls] common architectural features, adding community space, in addition to carefully selecting and curating vendors. In doing this Macro-Sea hopes to create and promote a place for people to shop, meet, learn, and engage with one another.

I love the way in which they have creatively found new ways to create public space, and wish we had more of this happening in London.