Located in the Scalter Street Car Park just between Bethnal Green Road and Brick Lane is the latest addition to London’s illustrious street food scene, Street Feast.

A huge fan of Street food I headed on down with some friends to check it out on the opening night. With so many options including Buen Provencho’s Mexican street food, Mama’s Jerk Station Jerk Chicken wraps and Hardcore Prawn– the newest in Asian Fusion, it took me a couple laps around the place to make a decision on what I wanted to try first. Eventually I decided to try the authentic Indian Street Food from Horn Ok Please. They offered up only two dishes- Chaat and Dosa’s- both of which looked great. I decided to go for the chaat- a Samosa mashed up with chickpeas and covered in pomegranate seeds, yogurt and a number of other toppings.  It was excellent. Still a little hungry after, I decided I needed to give something else a try and I found myself venturing over to The Ribman for a half rack. Despite being warned by the ribman himself to take the label on his famous Hot Fuck hot sauce literally I found myself dousing it onto my ribs- hey after all I love spicy food! Well let this be a warning to you all, Hot Fuck hot sauce is officially the spiciest thing I have ever consumed. There would be flame eaters who wouldn’t go near that stuff! That said, Hot Fuck hot sauce was easier to consume with a cold beer from the Camden Town Brewery’s Cart. A sneaky bite of my friend’s Bea’s of Bloomsbury cupcake and the button on my pants was about to pop off… leaving me with only one option…. I’m going to have to go back to Street Food again to try more of the fare on offer!

Now you’re probably wondering what makes Street Feast different from the many other London Street Food offerings popping up around our fair city?

Street Feast has a great social vibe- with an outdoor cocktail bar, covered dining area and even table service, this definitely isn’t just your regular assortment of street vendors. Street Feast was a total event- a place to spend an evening, grazing from all the different stands, comparing dishes with your neighbours- all while being watched over by East London’s newest street art.

So every Friday from now until July 20th Street Feast will be there to tempt you with its fare. The only problem you’re going to have with this place is picking what to try!