Transforming empty, disused spaces around London, Monkey Shoulder Whisky, is running a series of underground, one-off events over the next three months. The events will be part art installation, part bar, part adventure playground for adults, and aim to bring an entirely different drinking experience to the capital.

With themes like Derelicte, which will run during Fashion week, the events will be brought to life with different whisky cocktails each night, and a network of designers, artists, bartenders and other creatives. Expect to see the likes of Lomography who’ll be helping re-interpret the meaning of ‘Old Fashioned’ and One Dot Zero who’ll be pushing boundaries with a cutting edge, digital celebration of what a “Blazer” might be.

The events will take place every Friday night in two sessions. The first is from 6pm to 8pm, the second from 9pm to 11pm. Tickets cost £20 per person and are available here

Check out the full event schedule below.


7th – Whisky Punch:
We’re hosting a rumble in the jungle! Come and indulge in some ringside rivalry as you get in touch with your macho side. Train to get your speed (pouring) up to scratch, learn how to make a knockout punch or just sit back and soak up the atmosphere. All the boxing puns you’d expect, none of the fighting.

14th – Derelicte: Release your inner Zoolander and unveil your new ‘look’ for London Fashion Week – there’s more to life than really ridiculously good looking cocktails! With the catwalk taking over the room, come dressed to impress in our version of Derelicte. Please learn how to ambiturn before you get here.

21st – Old Fashioned: Welcome to the world in black and white – bring along your boombox and get ready for an analogue adventure. It’ll be a night of Ace of Base, Hammer time (we’ll need to crush that ice somehow…), plus all the retro drinks and trimmings – life in monochrome seen through rose tinted glasses.

28th – Jockey Club: Saddle up your own hobby horse, place your bets and act like you were Made in Chelsea as you race around our custom made track. Delicious Monkey Shoulder cocktails will be served in the Winner’s Circle – Giddy up! Normal-sized people are welcome too.


5th – Popcorn Flip: The cinema snack has taken over – eat it, drink it, wear it, sit on it. It’s the world as you know it, just flipped. Come down and enjoy fooling about on Monkey bars (the bars not the snack), popcorn pits (the snack, but in a pit that you can jump into) and enjoy some of our favourite cocktails flipped into new creations.

12th – Sazerac: Get ready for a London Cocktail Week geek-off between mixologists, booze bloggers and cocktail aficionados as they trade Tales of The Cocktail, New Orleans style. Is this the French quarter, Bourbon Street or Covent Garden? Who knows! Who cares!? Bring your best ‘homemade cherry bark cayenne bitters’ along, and get involved.

26th – Rob Roy: Little known fact: As well as being a famous cocktail, Rob Roy was a legendary Scottish hero. Or was he? Mystery surrounds the man and the drink. Help us sort fact from fiction in a night of masks, wigs, and impostor drinks. It’s about time we all rediscovered just who this Rob Roy guy really was!


2nd – Trick or Treat: Ever wondered what a room packed with of sweets would look like? So did we. We’re gathering piles of treats, the type that fizz, bang, make you pull sour faces and give you sticky fingers. FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY, we’ll be letting you loose on all these culinary delights. Expect mounds of treats and tasty drinks. Just don’t expect to be able to sleep much afterwards.

9th – Blazer: We’re going out with a bang! Fireworks may have originated in the Orient, but where will the digital trail blazers take them? Expect bright lights, luminaries old and new, drinks that pop, crackers that bang – and yes, we will remember to turn the fire alarm off this time.