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Living in London, I am surrounded by galleries and some of the UK’s greatest art institutions. Since moving here to attend Goldsmiths, I have always been impressed by the dedication by these institutions to represent and support young, fresh art and design talent emerging from across the country.

One of the best examples of this is Freshfaced + Wildeyed at The Photographers’ Gallery. This annual exhibition is dedicated to supporting young, up-and-coming photographers. In its seventh instalment, the 2015 selection is truly impressive.

Graduate work from visual arts courses across the UK, is selected by a panel of photographic experts from different backgrounds. The artist/photographers then have the opportunity to work closely with the exhibitions team to develop their presentation within the exhibition as well as participate in talks and events.

Some of our favourites this year include Craig Gibson, Jocelyn Allen, and Francesca Jane Allen.

Freshfaced + Wildeyed is on at The Photographers’ Gallery from 16 June – 5 July 2015.