As a vegan, I’ve always considered german food a no go. So when I was recently invited to come down to Herman Ze German in Charlotte st, I was a bit skeptical. My sister on the other hand loves German food so figured I would give it a chance and drag her along.
Herman Ze German, has a few other locations around London, however this latest venture on Charlotte st, is a bit different with the upstairs aimed more at the lunch crowd, with a fast-food atmosphere. While downstairs there is more seating and with a number of fantastic beers on tap, it offers a perfect alternative to the local pubs for after work drinks.
My sister tried out a number of the sausages, and in between bites could only get out that they were really really amazing. The sausages are all made from free range gluten & lactose-free meat sourced from owners, Azadeh and Florain local butchers back home in Black Forest, Germany.
You have a choice of three kinds of sausage, then decide whether you want it in a half-baguette, on a platter with fries, or as a ‘no-carbs’ option (with salad, or completely ‘naked’). Extra toppings range from crispy onions and sauerkraut to the ever-popular curry sauce (a spicy ketchup), or of course you can add squeezy regular ketchup and mustard at your table. My sisters favourite was the smoked pork bockwurst, but the pork and veal bratwurst was a close second(£4.45 each).
So what does a vegan eat at this sausage fest? Vegan Wurst – and it was incredible (I have to admit I’ve been back twice since to have it again). I can honestly say it was one of the most flavourful vegan sausages I’ve ever had and the fries were amazing – air cooked they were crispy and almost guilt free! Washed down with some fantastic German beers, I have to say I am now most definitely a fan of German food!