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The other week I was sent a packet of Hickies, a lacing system that replaces traditional shoelaces. As a newbie runner, I am quickly developing a hate for all shoe laces as I can’t seem to find a way to keep my shoes from staying tied up, let alone not too tight or too loose. So when the packet arrived I figured I would give them a go.

They were easy enough to put in. It didn’t take any longer than lacing up a pair of shoes in the traditional way. However,  I quickly realised the main selling point, isn’t just that you can  just slip your shoes on and off without having to tie and untie, it’s that you can do so without sacrificing snugness and fit. I have now used them for a couple of runs, including my very first 10k run and swear by them.


In your pack of Hickies, you get 14 individual elastic shoe laces in your choice of colour plus two bonus Hickies in another colour that you can use as an accent. Or you can do what I did and go for the multi-colour neon pack, to really make sure your seen running through the streets of hackney.

Hickies were first imagined by the couple Gaston and Mariquel, who in 2011 decided to take a leap of faith and move from Argentina to New York to start their own company. They launched Hickies with a Kickstarter campaign and raised 6 times the original goal, commanding attention from both press and retailers. Since then the Brooklyn based company has been gaining fans around the world.

To get a set of your own go to their website here:



Hickies: Reinventing the shoelace