I have recently become a little obsessed with the idea of keeping bees. Unfortunately, I have no outdoor or roof space to keep them so am currently living vicariously through other urban Beekeepers. However, after seeing this video about HK Honey, my determination to make my beekeeping dreams a reality is stronger than ever (I even went on an intro to beekeeping course recently).

HK Honey is an “organisation of Hong Kong beekeepers, artists and designers that aim to communicate the value of bees and benefits of locally produced honey.” This short video goes behind the scenes with founder Michael Leung, a product designer and beekeeper, and looks at the ethos and aesthetic of the organisation, their approach to fostering community, the concept of breaking down the division between producer and consumer and the manner in which the environment of Hong Kong impacts on production.

Directed by Kiku Ohe for Nokia’s E7 Success Redefined campaign