Twister Millo 2013

Untitled (1) Millo 2013

Untitled (2) Millo 2013

From July 2nd- 9th, Hoxton Gallery presents Millo‘s first ever solo show in the UK entitled Clumsy.

In ‘Clumsy’ we see the world through the eyes of a man with Asperger’s, with all of his bizarre manners and extraordinary sensibility.

In his work, Millo explores visions and dreams; the power of the ‘normal’ individual and how the order of arrangement of each life experience is ‘disturbed’This is taken straight from his own life as a man with Asperger’s, symbolised through his drawings of ‘a lonely man moving around the world’.

“Clumsy is the story of a dreamer who has the right to indulge in solitude; far from frustration and a city’s troubles where there is no escape from reality, no magic world to occupy, no fairyland and no ”beyond” in which one can lose themself looking for a dose of peacefulness.”  

Millo was born in 1979 in a small town in south Italy. He has been drawing all of his life. His works occupies walls, streets, rooms and spoons. He has taken part in the biggest Italian street art event.