Last night, the Hus Gallery opened an exclusive pop-up showcase of ‘Furious Affection’ by celebrated Welsh artist Mark Evans at One Marylebone. The exhibit features new works from his ‘Furious Affection series, in addition to a number of other works from his ‘Born Fighter’ and ‘Death of the Dollar’ series.

Evans works exclusively in leather, using a unique process of leather etching he discovered by chance. Importing animal hides from all over the world, Evans then undertakes the complex tanning process which allows for the wide tonal range achieved in his works. He then uses a diverse array of knives, ranging from a Neolithic flint knife, a Second World War Officer’s knife to a pocket knife given to him by his grandfather as a child, to etch his masterpieces. What is perhaps most impressive about Evans work is the precision by which he is able to remove only a fraction of the leather surface to reveal the suede underneath.

Evans’ uses the medium to help explores themes of mortality, power and conflict. For example the ‘Furious Affection’ series, depict the menacing jawbone of a great white shark flipped upside down. In doing this, he creates a heart shape, and turns the traditional connotation of the predator on its head. By disrupting a traditionally aggressive image to create a contrasting motif, he critiques how society could make small changes to redefine the balance of power, particularly when it is given to those who are aggressive and ruthless like the shark.

The exhibition, coinciding with the Frieze Art Fair is on display at One Marylebone until Friday October 12th.