W London Hotel is hosting Ideas for Breakfast, a special season of exclusive breakfasts bringing together a roster of London’s thinkers and innovators who set the cultural agenda on subjects from design to fashion and music to entertainment.

The next Ideas for Breakfast event on 19th August will see delves into the music world with musician, sound artist and instrument designer Mr Underwood. Mr Underwood is fascinated with sound. A hacker at heart, he can’t help but twist and develop to find new ways of creating music, sounds and interfaces with instruments and technology. He will be talking about his recent Sonic Graffiti project whilst offering attendees the chance to have a tinker themselves.

The first Sonic Graffiti project took place in Birmingham where a series of small electronic audio devices were concealed in the urban environment. A special “Crash EP” featuring four compositions by Mr.Underwood were contained within the installations. Each piece was based on a field recording taken close to the site in which it was found. Activated by touch or by plugging headphones directly into the surface where a device was hidden, the Sonic Graffiti installations offered a unique way to score and experience the environment.

Personally,  a breakfast of pastries, fruit, juices and hot drinks, before an inspired talk, sounds like the perfect way to spend a Sunday morning.

Ideas for Breakfast at W London – Leicester Square will take place one Sunday a month from 10.30am-12.30pm. Tickets cost £25 per person.


Check out the full program of events below:

Sunday 22 July – Digital Physical with Mint Digital
Sunday 19 August – Sonic Graffiti & Active Listening with Mr Underwood
Sunday 9 September – Precious Fashion with Archivist Magazine
Sunday 14 October – Talking Trend with The Bijoux Editrix
Sunday 11 November – Future Materials with Jotta
Sunday 9 December – Future Music: 2013 with Echo Empire