The way that many of us take pictures has changed over the last few years. The idea of lugging a big SLR around almost seems antiquated, and we have become use to the instant gratification that apps like Instagram offer. For the camera industry this provides a challenge. How do you remain relevant when people are satisfied with taking lesser quality images on their mobile devices? Well it appears that Sony is trying to find a solution with the rumoured Sony “lens camera.”

Earlier today a number of images were leaked through Sony Alpha Rumors, depicting the rumoured QX10 lens camera and the higher-end black QX100. These “lens cameras” will work alongside iOS and Android devices, acting as a wireless lens connected through WiFi and using the smartphone as a large viewfinder and image control for the user.

It is expected that both will be able to shoot 1080p video at up to 30 fps and will feature optical image stabilisation. The resulting images and video can be saved either to your smartphone or onto the lens’s internal memory – satisfying the consumers need for instant sharing capabilities. Interestingly the zoom, exposure, white balance and focus will also all be controllable from the smartphone device.

Both lenses are expected to be announced at Sony’s 4 September press conference at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin. So stay tuned!