This past weekend while organizing my flat, I came across a ridiculous number of USB devices, most of which I’ve received as press kits at events for the past few years. While these devices may offer a simple solution for sharing and storing information, I find them to be incredibly annoying. They are often tacky, and treated as disposable, which simply cannot be good for the environment.

That’s why I was so inspired by LA designer Isaac Appiah’s small collection of USB embedded accessories, which he has simply named Intelligent Accessories. Through simply redesigning the USB, he is able to shift perception of them from disposable to desired objects.
The pieces come in black and white and in necklace and bracelet forms. The sleek design, makes them something you would probably want to wear regardless of their functionality. In many ways the bracelet is like a more delicate and wearable Nike Fuelband. The necklace has a similar feel, with its simple geometric shape.

Check out the rest of his line Vilnvixn here, which explores ways in which to disguise technology in minimalistic jewellery.