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BEE clothing was brand was established by menswear designer Benjamin Crane in 2012, born from a belief that high performance clothing can be as fashionable and desirable as it is able.

He wanted to create clothing without compromise – believing that ‘performance’ doesn’t have to be worn on your sleeve and that balancing function with form is what makes a garment truly wearable and covetable. In cut, colour, fabric and texture, innovative ideas, advanced materials and artisan tailoring combine to make great jackets.

The Cycle to commuter bi-cycle jacket epitomises this philosophy. A hi-vis cycle shell, with advanced nanotechnology fabric on one side, turns to wearable lightweight city jacket on the other. It even has transparent windows in the hood, making it easier to check blind spots while cycling.

Inspired by the way men live, work, travel and relax in the city, BEE clothing is definitely worth checking out. Head down to By-Walski in Shoreditch to check out the exclusive range available.


Introducing BEE Clothing at By-Walski