One of our favourite young London designers and brain behind MeishMellow, has just launched his second collection.
Established in 2006 by Dan Miles, the brand was born out of his involvement in his local music scene, at a time when it was all about going to shows, spending time playing with friends in a punk band and skateboarding.

To find out more about how MeishMellow was established, we decided to sit down with Dan to ask him a few questions.

The Locals: How did MeishMellow start?

Dan: At the time I was very involved in my local music scene, and was getting to hang out with some really inspirational people who became like family to me. I realised quickly that this was a time in my life I wanted to keep a hold of, so I started documenting everything with my Canon ae-1, a cheap Nikon point and shoot I bought from eBay, and a Nikon f100. I then realized I need some way of sharing all these images I was capturing and MeishMellow seemed like the perfect way to bring it all together.

The Locals: So how did MeishMellow evolve from essentially a photo blog to a clothing brand?

Dan: In taking photos of London’s streets, I was introduced to a realm of street wear which to me represents a specific way of life rather than just the clothes you wish to wear. Clothing brands are a way of showing others who you are without even having to say a word and seeing someone wear the same brand suggests a common ground. My girlfriend noticed this and took it upon herself to make a crew neck sweater with an old MeishMellow design and this is when I knew it could be more than just an online blog.

To me, MeishMellow is a brand that is shaped by my experiences in life, The photos I have taken help me work on my designs by transporting me back to the places I feel most inspired by. It’s about doing what you love.”

Check out the latest shirts available from MeishMellow here