A few weeks ago, The Saint Brewing Co sent Brandish one of the very first bottles of their new lager – Saint.
The Saint Brewing Co, has spent two years developing Saint, and it has definitely paid off. It is a wonderful tasting lower-carbonated lager, with distinct sharp citrus taste, floral and soft fruit notes.

The Saint Brewing Co hails from Manchester and are making a name for themselves as a leader in the craft lager revival.

Independently made in small batches, Saint has developed a lager that brings contemporary style to craft brewing. Combine their unique process with high quality ingredients, and you get the fresh tasting, light bodied and easy to drink Saint.

Steve Wilkinson, head brew master for Saint said, “For too long the lager market’s been dominated by a dated range of continental brands, all of which taste pretty much the same: overly bitter and gassy. Saint’s something different, something new: light, fresh and, best of all, genuinely British.”

This is probably one of the best lagers we have had in a long time, so can’t wait for it to be available in bars nationwide in January.