While looking for christmas present inspiration today, I came across a London-based book publisher called Visual Editions. Founded in 2009 by Anna and Britt, VE grew out of a mutual love of books and a desire to do things differently.

Speaking about VE they have said, “everything we do translates into a new experience for our readers, and for all the writers and designers we work with. What we do is make sure we turn all that love and mischief into beautifully, lovingly, wonderfully written and crafted books.”

This is brought to life in the ways that they have tried to close the divide between text-driven literary books and picture-driven art and design books, by finding new and inventive ways of adding visual elements to enhance the reading experience.

Currently they are working on a new book called Where We Are, which will look at everything that we map.

The book will look at how ”we don’t just map from a to b, but we map ourselves, we map our days, our thoughts, memories, what we want to mark, save and share. Because today it seems, that most of the time, despite all this mapping, we actually don’t really have a clear sense of where we are.”

They have brought together a mixture of artists writers and thinkers, 18 in total, to contribute to this latest adventure, and personally I can’t wait to see the results. Although we will all have to sit back and wait 6-9 months for our first peak. In the meantime, however, make sure to check out some of their other beautiful explorations into the world of book making here