Many of you who read this site will know that I live in London. What you might not know is that I live in the midst of the areas that have been effected by the recent violence. Over the past few days I have had to watch thugs destroy the city I love, and hold its citizens hostage with fear.

I have heard and seen so many heartbreaking things over the past few days it would be impossible to recount them all here. In many ways I still can’t believe this has happened. How can some people have such a lack of basic human compassion.

As images of burnt out buildings and looted shops flood the news, there was one image that really jumped out at me. The image depicted 89 year old Aaron Biber sifting through what little was left of his barbershop. This image more than others, really highlighted to me just how senseless this violence has been.

After tweeting about the image one of my followers directed me to a microsite that has been set up by Bj√∂rn and Sophie, two interns at BBH, to help raise money to help repair Aaron’s shop. Aaron did not have insurance and as he can not afford the repairs is faced with closure.

To see people coming together trying to restore faith in each other and in London is truly wonderful. It helps remind us all why London is such a great city.

Please check out their site here and maybe even donate a few pounds to help restore Aaron’s livelihood.