In London there is no better way to see the city than by bike, a belief shared by James, founder of Kennedy City Bicycles.

Kennedy City Bicycles was founded in 2013, around the idea of creating the ultimate city bicycle. It’s about the right balance of reliability, beauty, practicality and value for money. He wanted to put people on the roads of cities riding bikes designed to do so. In other words, not your Dad’s old BMX, not a bare-bones Fixie, and definitely not a £3,000 road bike last seen ascending the French Alps.

Kennedy CB want to save people money, help them explore the cities they live in, get them outdoors and take them away from air conditioned cars, smelly trains and the crazy guy next to you on the bus.They want people to enjoy the adventure, the freedom and the beauty that comes with cycling the city streets. With all of this in mind they only sell what they think you need.

Every one of the bicycle’s components is chosen for a reason. For example – the frames are light enough that the bicycle can be carried up a few flights of stairs, and have a smooth underside of the top bar so that it’s comfortable on your shoulder while you’re doing so. Every bicycle comes with a detachable folding mudguard included as standard. This folds up to the size of a postcard and fits comfortably in your back pocket, so you only get protection from the rain when you need it.

 The leather saddles are attached using security bolts so that the city thieves can’t get anywhere near them.

Everytime I see someone riding these beautiful custom built bikes around the city, I have to admit I get a little jealous. They are definitely a head turner!


The company which is still in its first year, has been growing quickly and just announced its first collaboration with the fabulous Monkstone knitwear, a company that focuses on simplicity and sustainability at every stage of their design process.

Monkstone and Kennedy City Bicycles share a vision for design: Simple, thought about and detailed. Designed locally, and made to order. The result? The perfect jumper for winter city cycling with natural woollen warmth to wear on your custom bike…


The hardy cycle knitted jumper, has a crew neck style with rib knit hem and cuffs, a cargo leather pocket on the back, and a front leather pocket with earphone access. Also being wool, it’s multi – climatic, breathable, natural, renewable, and biodegradable.

As jumpers are custom made it will take a week to arrive. Order yours here

Kennedy City Bicycles & Monkstone collaboration