I’ll sheepishly have to admit that – despite being a Tate member – my pre-knowledge of the works of Roy Lichteinstein was fairly limited as I visited Tate Modern’s homage to the artist. His brightly coloured and dotted cartoonesque paintings featuring lovelorn women, consumer goods and some Disney characters were pretty much the limit of my knowledge.

And they are all here: The blonde who tells Jeff she loves him too, the close-up an explosion in Whaam! as well as Mickey and Donald. But there is also so much more! As visitors meander their way through the 13 rooms dedicated to the artist who was a central figure of American pop art – and one of the most influential artists of the 20th century – this retrospective, the first comprehensive one since his death in 1997, shows off Lichteinstein’s talent and legacy: Mirrors and Brushstrokes, Art Deco and Nudes, and not to forget the impressive Chinese Landscapes. These Ben-Day dotted paintings are instantly likable, so much that I’ve already visited it twice (tip: go on a weekday if you can!). This is one exhibition that should not be missed.

Tate Modern, London. Closes 27 May 2013.