The Acid, a collaboration  between  LA-based singer-songwriter Ry X and  DJ Adam Freeland premièred on Nowness today, and we have had it on repeat since. The video by Dugan O’ Neal and Art Troupe WIFE come together to create a truly spellbinding music video.

 Captured against the dramatic backdrop of the Santa Monica Mountains at the end of last year, WIFE’s Kristen Leahy, Jasmine Albuquerque and Gabriella Vincenza Cataldo star as the choreographers, performers and costume designers of “Basic Instinct”. “I love creating visually dramatic narratives, but the one through line is a subtle sense of surrealism or magic,” says O’Neal,

The Acid EP is released April 14 on Infectious Music and will play their first London show at Chat’s Palace on  March 31