In a city like London it can sometimes be overwhelming trying to figure out where the best cafes are.

That is why here at Brandish we are absolutely obsessed with a app called London Thru Cafes. This beautifully designed app focuses on independent cafes and has lots of ideas for interesting things to do ranging from all the classic tourist attractions such as the Tate and Southbank, to hidden gems known only by locals.

The app features over two hundred original photos to bring entries to life, reviews,
plus all the essential information such as opening hours, off-line maps, nearby stations, access information, whether there’s Wi-Fi or gluten free options available and area write-ups to give a place context. There’s also information on which coffee and cake places serve. Best of all the app works off-line so you can browse your options while on the tube to your destination.

Whether you live in London or are just visiting, the London Thru Cafes app is definitely a must have.

Oh and did we mention it is Free for a limited time over Christmas?