These days I have been working from the South Bank. Every morning as I approach the river, I cant help but notice how much construction is going on through out the city, with new buildings seeming to appearing overnight.

Two the the most interesting architectural projects taking place at the moment in my opinion are the addition to the Tate Modern, and the Leadenhall Building. I personally find it very interesting to see the buildings take shape, and the way in which these large scale projects are realized.

Both projects are being incredibly well documented, and I wanted to share these two videos that detail the construction of the latest additions to our cities skyline.

Swiss architecture firm Herzog and de Meuron were responsible for the original renovation of the once derelict power station, turning it  into the  much-loved Tate Modern. The renovation was so successful, that they were awarded the contract to build the addition. The new building won’t be opening to the public until December 2016, but until then you can see daily updates to the construction here.

This second video is of  the Leadenhall Building, which has already been nicknamed the cheese grater, as it approaches the halfway point in its construction. Designed by Richard Rogers the project is expected to be completed in  2014.