Last week we were invited to Paris by Marriott Hotels to see the latest release from their Content Studio – French Kiss.

French Kiss follows a seemingly magical romance that could only happen in Paris. Ethan (Tyler Ritter) is a young American obsessed with work visiting the French capital to speak at a innovation conference at the Paris Marriott Hotel Champs Élysées.  Admired from afar by the gorgeous but mischievous Margaux (French model and actress Margot Luciarte), Ethan is tricked into following her string of clues throughout the city – forcing him to explore, imagine and literally see the magic of Paris through her eyes.  All the while, he wonders if his guide is real, or a mystical muse with magical powers that give him a glimpse of a life that seems like a dream.

The film marks an interesting move by the hotel brand, as they start to reach out to younger audiences through entertainment rather than commercials. Marriott is seeking to create content that is fun, organic, and that showcases to customers the magic of the destinations they are located in.

This subtle brand experience appeals to younger consumers, and gives Marriott a way of speaking directly to this next-generation travelers. It allows them to experience the hotel and Paris.

To celebrate the film, the hotel has put together a special ‘French Kiss Tour of Paris’ experience that follows in the footsteps of Margaux and Ethan, inviting guests to recreate the romance and intrigue of the film for themselves. Guests are encouraged to leave their mobile devices behind and use just a printed map to guide them and a Polaroid camera to capture picture perfect moments. A fantastic way to introduce guests to Paris in a fun and original way.

The hotel itself is  located in the centre of all the main tourist sights, and to be honest vastly exceeded my expectations. While I was only there overnight, the customer service and surroundings were fantastic.

Prices for the package start from €1,170 and includes two nights in a Standard Room for two people, tickets to Le Louvre and Eiffel Tower, two French Kiss cocktails at the hotel’s Bar Atrium and dinner for two at The Restaurant Terrace.

To book, visit and quote the code ‘LPR’.