This month one of our reviewers, Joe, kindly tested out the monthly box scheme for male grooming essentials – “Men Are Useless.” For about the same price as you would pay at the shops, Men are Useless will do all your essential toiletry shopping for you, box it up and deliver it through your letter box.
Read Joe’s full review of the service below:

My box came with:
1 x KoS Razor (w/ 2 heads)
1 x KoS Face balm
1 x KoS Shave Gel
1 x Moose Head Grime Blasting Face Wash
1 x Original Source Hair & Body Wash
2 x OrganicHomme active fix Repair Serum sachets
Menareuseless mints and selection of sweets

Overall I was extremely impressed with the packaging and layout of the products within the box. It felt like getting a treat, despite the fact that it’s full of things you’d normally just get at the supermarket/chemist. That said, its a great idea as these are the kinds of things I tend to forget to buy, so this service would ensure I’m not having to steal from my flatmates. Oh and the sweets were a nice touch too!

It arrived quickly and fit through the letter box with no problems. My favourite product from the box is probably the shower gel. The shaving products were all great too. I would definitely buy Kings of Shaves as opposed to Gillette now.

I would definitely consider this option for myself each month, especially because the pricing is so reasonable. However, I am not sure I would buy it as a gift as there are no luxury brands included, but as a monthly service its great.

Overall we thought that this was an excellent service and would definitely recommend it to our readers.

Joe received “The Works” Box available for £16.99. They also offer an “Essentials” box for £14.99.

*Disclaimer Brandish was given The Works Box by Men Are Useless to demo. This however in no way influenced our review.