What an interesting week in fashion this has been with the sale of iconic fashion powerhouse, Valentino and the announcements that Preen and Rag & Bone are going to be showing this coming fashion week in September. With interesting things ahead, it looks like it is a good time to start talking about next season (as well as time for us to admit that summer might not be ‘just around the corner’!!)

So lets just start off with some fashion houses that totally rocked my world with their A/W 12 collections.

First up, Hello Louis Vuitton and you wonderful Marc Jacobs. Now if you did not see the Louis Vuitton F/W show that just took place during Paris Fashion Week, then you need to YouTube that shiz immediately as the show was awe-inspiring. It was set in a railway station and kicked off when its’ own steam engine pulled into the station and down the runway. Wow. Then it followed these wonderful models walking out from the train with their luggage carried by porters. It was simply magnificent. Stephen Jones created elongated silhouettes on these women who were layered to the max with a good six inches of millinery genius. The colours ranged from deep camels to a soft peach with leather and amazing 1960’s prints. This collection was modern yet still held homage to the 1940’s & 60’s. In my opinion JUST.A.DREAM!!!

But let us move from Paris to London, and to the Topshop Unique collection. I have to be honest here, when I first saw this collection come down the catwalk, I had no urge to tackle the models for the clothes on their backs. Viewing it a couple more times since however, and I’ll have to say that it has seriously grown on me. This collection was very utilitarian mixed with nods to army styles. The fabrics were mostly leathers/cottons, but there is a nod to the 90s with a plaid. Overall, it was a lot of darker khaki’s and blacks while the pieces ranged from trench coats to pinafores. This collection is by no means for the housewife but more the modern warrior woman- you know, the type with a machine gun and some serious balls? But that is totally cool with me! Women need a bit of dressing empowerment and this collection definitely makes you wanna march into a building and kick some serious ass!

Now do you need to know if faux fur or real fur is still in? Well according to Mulberry it totally is! Their collection was oozing shearling and big chunky furs and faux fur coats and trimmings. Their collection was again very layered with pieces upon pieces, yet by synching the outfit in at the waist Mulberry has still given that slight feminine shape to the overall look. The models looked really fresh faced and like they’d just walked in off a mountain. Some might call it  ‘Heidi comes to the streets of London.’ I especially liked the fact that Mulberry didn’t go with such a winter colour pallet but instead went with strong oranges in lacquered wool and lace to digital prints. That just deserves a high five on it’s own but especially after a summer like the one we’re having, when no one wants to face another depressing black wardrobe.

So after looking at just those three collections I know you might be looking at your wardrobe and going ‘WTF, what is going to work!’ To be honest though the key points this season are simple: cinched in waists, layering and LEATHER… the vibe… being comfortable while still being an empowered woman. So go raid your wardrobe and if you don’t think anything suits A/W why not just do some customizing with your clothes. UP cycle! Take a dress that’s plain and put some trimmings or embellishments on it, team it with a fur and you are good to go!


But the most important thing for this Fall/Winter…. DON’T FORGET TO PUT ON YOUR BIG GIRL HEELS and just BELIVE YOU LOOK THE BOMB and the rest will come together!!