Usually when you hear the words sustainable shoes, images of hippy burlap sacks for the feet come to mind. However, Oat Shoes, prove that sustainable fashion can actually be fashionable.

Founder Christiaan Maats took on the seemingly-impossible challenge of designing and fabricating decomposable footwear as a continuation of his graduation project in product design. After over two years in development, the Amsterdam-based label finally introduced prototypes of its Virgin Collection, a brilliantly-conceived lineup of kicks constructed from hemp canvas, bio-cotton, cork and certified biodegradable plastic.

When you wear out a pair of Oats you can literally bury them in your backyard or toss them into the compost where they will decompose – not that you will want to do that for a some time. The Virgin Collection comes in four versatile yet laid-back styles. I love the subtly colourful soles and being made from hemp canvas, they are naturally antibacterial and a fantastic moisture-wicker, all which will extend the wearability of your kicks.

The Virgin Collection’s four styles, two high tops and two-low tops, will be available for purchase this spring on the Oat Shoes website for €140-150.