Planning a cycling trip any time soon? You might want to check out this great new site called Pannier.
The site provides travelling cyclists with a visual and location specific collection of cycle-friendly places to stay along major cycle routes.

The site was first conceived in 2011, after three friends travelled the 1000 miles from Lands End to John O’Groats by bike.
While on their trip, they realised there wasn’t a website that made the planning of cycle travel straightforward, and were frustrated by listings that weren’t really visually related to a route or location. So after a couple of months research the team met up at Betjemen Arms in London, and after a shandies and doodling, Pannier was born.

Pannier is an easy to use visual collection of cycle friendly accommodation, that connects local and independent businesses with travelling cyclists.

The site is full of beautiful photography from all corners of the UK and will definitely inspire you to hit the road. As the founders put it, ‘it’s not about the bike you ride, it is about the journeys you make on one.’
Check the site out for yourself here.