The folks over at Doppler Labs have launch a kickstarter campaign to bring their unique wireless earbuds into production.

The Here Active Listening System is a new form of audio technology made up of two wireless earbuds and an accompanying smartphone app that can actually alter your soundscape. From screaming babies, to poor sound at gigs, these earbuds will allow you to “instantly control real world audio so you can hear what you want to hear.”

They work by allowing users manipulate a volume control, equalizer and a set of predefined effects. The Kickstarter campaign has already met its target and will be funded in July, so if you want to be one of the first to secure a pair of the earbuds you will need to pledge $179 here.

Doppler says that Here is still in the early stages of a planned series of “hearables” which they say will augment our sense of hearing. It will be interesting to see how this category develops, as a way of protecting our ears from the increasingly loud world around us.

Check out the campaign here.