A few weeks ago the Locals were invited by Drambuie to Secret Cinema in order to check out the specially crafted cocktails they had created for the screening.

Secret Cinema is an immersive cinema event that takes place across the UK, in which the audience is not told ahead of time what film will be screened. The screenings often become full scale productions incorporating theatre, live music and food, all to create an experience in which the audience becomes drawn into the films narrative.

Their latest screening was of Terry Gilliam’s Braziland words cannot do the experience justice. The event saw Secret Cinema take over an  entire office building in Croydon, and not a single  detail was missed. Across the 14 floors there were numerous activities going on including everything from anger management sessions in a dark corner of one floor, only accessible by crawling through a server rack to joining a sect of nuns.

I particularly enjoyed the “intelligent” vending machines, which were essentially large wooden boxes with people inside that you could talk too and buy drinks from by pushing the buttons.

Drambuie prides themselves on offering ‘A Taste of the Extraordinary’ and worked with Secret Cinema to ensure that even the drinks compliment the incredible experience and narrative of the film.

If you weren’t lucky enough to experience Seceret Cinema this time around, don’t worry you can still recreate part of the experience at home with Drambuie’s Brazil themed cocktails.

Check out the recipes below and make sure to stay tuned as Drambuie and Secret Cinema will be bringing ‘A Taste of the Extraordinary’ to Scottish audiences later this year.

Jack's Ladder

Jack’s Ladder
Drambuie shaken with Pineapple Puree, Ginger Cordial & finished with Fizz
30ml Drambuie
15ml Pineapple puree
10ml Ginger Cordial
Fizz to top
Shake first 3 ingredients with ice. Strain into glass and top with fizz. Spray and drop orange/lemon twist into drink

Freelance Resistor

Freelance Resistor
Drambuie and Orgeat mixed with lime and pineapple puree finished with Bacardi Gold.
35ml Drambuie
10ml Orgeat
2 dash of angostura bitters
25ml lime juice
15ml pineapple puree
15ml Bacardi gold to float
Shke first 5 ingredients with ice, strain over cubed ice, float rum on top and garnish with citrus and mint