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Accessories can be a great way to dress up an outfit, simple cuff links, a pocket square, scarf, the list goes on. However, this is one accessory I am not sure I would purchase any time soon. The pin is made from 18k-gold-plated sterling silver and is meant to look like the security tags stores put on clothes to prevent theft. Art director Justin Gignac, claimed that the piece stems from his desire to elevate the mundane and overlooked items in our everyday lives. Justin explains the security tag “is one of those things that I’ve ignored for years. What better way to call attention to it then make it gold and throw some diamonds on it.”

To me it just sounds like he has been reading a bit to much about DuChamp recently.

Security! is available with ($700) or without diamonds ($550) here. Of course I am sure you can go down to your local retailer and pick up a more authentic version for a fraction of the price.