This summer one of our favourite cocktail spots Reverend JW Simpson is running a series of informative and interactive ‘Spirited Sermons’.

During these master-classes, you will have the opportunity to learn more about some of the world’s oldest and most fascinating spirits. Explore innovative takes on classic recipes and even have the chance to try your hand at shaking them to life.

Hosted by ambassadors and master distillers from carefully selected premium and boutique drink brands, Spirited Sermons takes London’s cocktail enthusiasts and aficionados on a journey that explores Irish Poitín, Indian Gin, Mayan Liqueurs, Pre-phylloxera Cognac and more.

Throughout the evening, the host will join guests at their table to examine the chosen spirit, offering fascinating facts and amusing anecdotes about its history and production, whilst Rev JW Simpson’s experienced cocktail bartenders demonstrate how to use the spirit’s unique flavours to create beautiful, delicate and delicious concoctions.

We were lucky enough to attended one of the first events, a sermon on Vermouths & Aromatised Wines with Cocchi.

One of the earliest forms of imbibing alcoholic beverages was infusing wines with herbs & spices – a process dating back to China & India more than 3000 years ago. Primarily medicinal, these wines were sweetened & bittered by the botanicals used, with different regions using local ingredients combined with flavours brought by spice traders from far off places.

Over the years this liquids developed into the styles & products we know today. The use of vermouth as a medicinal liquor waned by the end of the 18th century, but its use as an aperitif increased in Italy and France and bartenders found that it was an ideal ingredient for many cocktails, including the infamous Martini.

By the end of the night we had tried a number of cocktails, a variety of vermouths and aromatised wines, served in a variety of inventive ways including a jelly.

The ‘Spirited Sermons’ will take place on Tuesdays throughout the summer and cost £25 + booking fee (includes 3 cocktails).

Book in advance for the following Sermons here.

16th June – Evolved Gins with Gin Mare

30th June – Single Barrel Bourbon with Four Roses Bourbon

14th July – The Essence of Agave with Tapatio Tequila, Illegal Mezcal & Derrumbes Michoacan.

28th July – The Pot Stills of Midleton Distillery with Jameson Irish Whiskey