In Italy there are no ‘Foodies,’ because that would imply that some Italians care about food while others don’t. And that of course is NOT the case. Italians care about food. We all know this. So, naturally, when an Italian tells you they’re going to take you to their favourite pizza place, you a) know it’s going to be good and b) don’t say no.

Which is why when my Italian friend offered to take me to her favourite London pizza place I followed with good speed. And the place (drum roll) was Rossopomodoro in Covent Garden. So there, the secret is out, London’s best pizza according to an Italian (and now lets hope she doesn’t mind I’ve given her secret away!)

If this surprises you, it surprised me too. Rossopomodoro, which I’ve passed 100 times and never tried, just passing it off as another chain in central London! Shouldn’t she have taken me to a little hole in the wall? Somewhere that’s actually…. I don’t know… a secret?

But if you’ve felt the same way and haven’t actually tried Rossopomodoro then you know what… this might actually be one of London’s better secrets… because man oh man the pizza here is good. And it comes from the entire ethos of the place. Rossopomodoro was created with the vision of bringing 100% authentic Napoletana cuisine to London. That means the same ingredients, the same pizza ovens (the same wine!) It’s a 100% commitment to serving pizza exactly as you would find it in Italy. So the fact that an Italian likes it… makes sense! And so committed to the authentic experience are they, that all summer long they’re importing mozzarella direct from Italy three times a week. Why bother when you can get good mozzarella in London already? Well trust me… you try this mozzarella and you realise you haven’t been eating the good stuff. I won’t say more because words won’t do it justice, but take it from an Italian, go try this place for your self! See what’s going on and look up locations here:



The best pizza in London?