I have a confession to make; chocolate does not do it for me. I know, I know that is sacrilege to any chocophile but perhaps I ate too much as a kid? I honestly don’t know why, but I’m finding it harder to be excited about chocolate these days. Yet with the season upon us, Monkey Shoulder’s Chocolate Trail – imagine a classic Easter egg hunt, but with a boozy twist – was a challenge I could genuinely get excited about. My inner child was happy to root through their magical SoHo based garden for eggs that I could then trade in for springtime cocktails paired with sophisticated chocolates and truffles. Teaming up with the talented London Cocktail Club and chocolatier Niko B, options like a rhubarb and rose julep with a lemon, ginger and cayenne pepper truffle (recipe below) was just one from a menu of delights. Needless to say, this had me hunting all-night and envious of those who found handfuls. The garden is open to chocolate lovers, haters and in-betweens – like me – from Good Friday 6 April until Easter Monday 9 April from midday until 7pm at 63 Broadwick St.

Rhubarb & Rose Julep with Lemon , Ginger and Cayenne Pepper truffle
50ml Monkey Shoulder
15ml Sugar syrup
15ml Rose Liqueur
Dash of Rhubarb bitters
Pinch of Mint

Build in a julep tin with crushed ice.