Now I know we have been rather focused on women’s fashion trends for the fall recently, but never fear I haven’t forgotten about the men!

Check out our six must haves for men this fall below.


Blazers – now don’t wince at this word, a blazer is one of the easiest ways to instantly give your outfit a touch of sophistication… Not to mention they make any guy look hot! A good blazer should be a staple in your wardrobe, and there are lots of ways to wear them, from utilitarian to very structured. I personally prefer a more structured blazer, as they look great with a shirt or t-shirt or even a vest if you’re feeling a bit brave.

I currently love the Peter Werth Bunyan Herringbone blazer.  Priced at £135 it is very reasonably priced staple you will be able to get plenty of wear out of.

Now let’s talk about accessories. I have noticed more and more men carrying “man bags” recently, and while I salute you for trying, many men just aren’t doing it right yet. If you’re going to start carrying a man bag, at least try and make sure it’s a nice bag.  Don’t worry though, as a  woman with a massive bag addiction you’re in good hands. One of the best bags for men I have seen recently is the Penfield’s Oxon Tan satchel, and boys I know you like a bargain this satchel was £75 it is now only £23!

Next up shoes! All men should have a great pair of shoes for all occasions, not just for work. You may not have heard of Loakes before, but trust us these are well worth the investment and will be a staple in your wardrobe for many years.  These are the best of the best, and have been making their beautiful handmade shoes for 130 years. Our favourites are the Ashby, which will cost £195. This may seem like a lot, but they will probably serve you a life time.

Okay now on to underwear – a tricky subject, I know. Working in fashion, I have seen a lot of underwear being modelled over the years, and have learnt no one looks sexy in baggy boxer shorts. I know they are comfortable, but there just not flattering, so I suggest a drastic change. I introduce Bjorn Borg to you – yes you may think, “isn’t that, that tennis player”. Yes it is, but he also has brought out a boxer brand and I have to say it’s rather great. These pants are £22.95 but, they are incredibly comfortable and your misses will be a lot happier about seeing you in them.

Now let’s get down to your skin care regime. I could not recommend the Aesop Dapper Gentlemen grooming kit enough. It contains everything you could possibly need to keep your skin in great condition, including face cleanser; hydrating cream, shaving serum, spray on moisturiser and lip cream. The kit was exclusively designed for Mr Porter and comes in a handy case, perfect for traveling. The kit is priced at £105.

Last but not least, it’s all about the way a man smells. It’s a classic, but in my opinion nothing beats it. The Hugo Man aftershave has a fresh, sharp and extremely masculine sent. You can pick up the Hugo man EDT 40ml Gift Set for £24.50