Hard to believe it but it is already almost the time to start thinking ahead to next season. Last time we did a trend forecast but this time we would like to make it a little more personal. Here is our list of things we (and we’re betting you) want/need/must have in your life!

For starters the Vivienne Westwood orange tiger print rucksack. Makes our heart pound. But this rucksack is also soooo much more than just a bag. It’s the Mary Poppin’s bag of bags…. Phone, wallet, lipstick, iPad, gym gear… throw it all in! And you get ethical points as well as fashion ones with this bag! Each rucksack is handmade in Kenya using only recycled materials and made by women from some of the most marginalized communities, giving them the opportunity to be self sufficient and improve their lives. This rucksack will set you back a cool £190 but can you really put a price on helping a good cause??


Next lets talk about Shoes! It’s not about heals this time…. what we’re lusting after are these Dr. Martens. Yes, you heard me right. These Dr. Martens are beauties. They are the 1461 shoe and bang on in this HOT silver style. They’ll go perfectly with a cigarette trouser, jeans, heck why not anything in your wardrobe. I saw them when I recently got the chance to visit the Dr. Martens factory. It was amazing to see what goes in to hand making these shoes and how passionate all the staff is about the brand. These brogues will set you back £200 but they really are a must have.

With bags and shoes behind us, lets go on to knitwear (as we do live in England). I want to talk to you about one of my new favourite brands, called Sister by Sibling. They’ve been a great brand to watch and start collecting, as all of their pieces are so unique and wearable. I’ve fallen in love with this printed Leopard crew neck, which has been crafted from super soft cashmere and angora wool blend…that’s a super warm combo! Its £230 for this number but think about how many times you can wear it… date night, office wear, just keeping warm! It’s an all affairs piece.

To round things out let’s talk about beauty products. I’m not more of a Nivea moisturizer and soap kind of girl myself but I’ve been asking my friends for their expert opinions on what products are hot at the moment. One product kept coming up over and over again from trusted make up artists. It is the Liz Earle cleanses and polishes. A plant based cleanser this product has a two- phase action that swiftly removes ANY face and eye makeup, even stubborn mascara. It’s only £14.25 for a 100ml pump starter kit, and as it’s good for all skin types, it is something every lady must try!

Just a few more things to really spice things up this autumn. Cartier’s new perfume ‘Basier Vole,’ or it’s translation ‘stolen kiss’ is a sent that will make you feel sexy whether you’re trying to seduce a man or stuck next to everyone on the tube. It’s a pure floral fragrance- fresh and powdery. For a 1.6oz bottle it is £67.53.


And finally, le piece de la resistance, statement jewellery from the brand Mawi. I’ve been a massive follower for a while as every piece of their collection makes an outfit stand out. Every woman could do with a piece, perhaps starting with the Sun Ray Tube necklace. It’s £380 but you’ll definitely get some wear out of it! And hey, if you get tired of it as a necklace, it could also make a GREAT knuckle buster.