The slipper seems to be making a bit of a comeback this season, and one of our favourites has to be the Monarch shoe by Herring. We can’t help but imagine Hugh Hefner rocking these around his mansion; smoking jacket on, pipe in hand and bunnies on call. These shoes, as the name suggests is fit for royalty, from its velvet upper to the hand embroidered ‘Herring Crest.’

This beautiful house shoe has been hand made in the UK, and requires a certain style to really pull off…. In other words you can’t just throw these on with any old bathrobe. The quilted lining of the shoe ensures comfort and warmth, while the strong leather sole and heel ensures the slipper is hard wearing. We know they are meant to be worn inside… but we would almost be tempted to rock them outside too.

The Monarch shoe is available for £135 in 5 colourways including Navy, Purple, Green, Wine Red and Black velvet.