Living in London it can be easy to take the cities hotels for granted. After all, are they not just places for overpriced cream teas, and crowds of tourists?

We may rush past them, and leave them to the tourists to explore, but at the end of the day it is us Londoners who are really missing out. It can be easy to forget the role that some of London’s hotels play in cultivating the arts in this city. So last week when I was invited to check out The Marylebone hotel’s ‘Art House’ project, I jumped at the chance to find out more.

The ‘Art House’ project was initially started to mark the launch of The Marylebone Hotel’s new Champagne Bar, and sees pop-up exhibitions throughout the hotel. The project aims to bringing world-class modern art direct to hotel guests and visitors, in association with the locally-based Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery. Currently The ‘Art House’ project is showcasing the work of fashion designer turned artist Karen Nicol.

Karen Nicol has been established in her London design studio for over twenty-five years, making textiles for clients in the world of fashion, such as Givenchy and Matthew Williamson, with her own label range for Anthropologie.

Her years of embroidering for some of the top fashion designers, has clearly been a huge inspiration on her own work, as she creates large scale animal portraits from recycled vintage garments. The portraits are heavily stitched, embroidered, and embellished, resulting in truly original works that just have to be seen in person in order to be fully appreciated.

London’s hotels are a cultural institution, and The Marylebone is a great spot to start exploring what our hotels have to offer. So make sure to to stop in at the new Champagne bar and take in the art.