Vegan Futures is a one-day lifestyle festival debuting in London on the 7th November in the trendy Stour Space, Hackney Wick.
The Locals is proud to be a media partner of this one day festival that will explore various aspects of the vegan lifestyle bringing together the leading plant-based thinkers and innovators for a day of inspiring talks, panel discussions and workshops.
You will hear inspiring talks from some of the leading minds in the Vegan movement and be able to attend panel discussions, yoga and mindfulness workshops, and cooking demonstrations.
I will be speaking during the event about taking on the Trans America bike race and how to train for ultra endurance sports on a vegan diet. Other speakers include:
Tim Shieff – Professional Vegan athlete
Claira Hermet- TV presenter and film maker
Gregg Lowe – Vegan actor (appeared in films such as X Men)
Meriel Armitage – Club Mexicana
Katy Beskow – Lil Miss Meat Free – Vegan chef
TGN Vegan – Teenage Vegan advocacy campaign
Liz Goodchild – Vegan ultra-endurance athlete
Matthew Glover – Veganuary, Co-Founder
Jane Land – Veganuary, Co-Founder
Juilet Gellatley – Viva!
Kerry McCarthy – Broadcaster – Kerry McCarpet on Youtube
Ali Tabrizi – Film maker – The Friendly Activist on Youtube
Klaus Mitchell – PlantBasedNews on Youtube
Wrapped in Newspaper – Vegan chefs and bloggers
Charlie Phillips – Head of Documentaries at the Guardian
Aaron Tilley – Blood Tight Apparel
Darren and Georgi – Popular fitness website
Sophia Pym – Yoga teacher
Annemarie Highmore – Vegan fitness – Personal Trainer
Vegan Peasant Catering – Vegan chef
Jennifer Pardoe – Vegan Futures
Damien Clarkson – Vegan Futures
Velociposse Womens Fixed Gear Cycling Team – Vegan members

Tickets are already more than half gone, so make sure you grab yours now