'Wandering Comma' a new exhibition from Ryan McGinley

'Wandering Comma' a new exhibition from Ryan McGinley

Photographer Ryan McGinley’s new exhibit at the Alison Jacques Gallery in London is opening on november 24th and will be running until December 22. The new exhibit, titled Wandering Comma, is his first London exhibition since his celebrated ‘Moonmilk’ series, and is comprised of seven photographs in the largest format the American artist has worked in to date.

Scale is one of the central variables in McGinley’s work, as each photograph taken is initially printed in an array of sizes in order to fix the exact dimensions that allow the image to speak most effectively to the viewer. All prints in other sizes are then discarded. The vast canvas size demands a heightened scrutiny from the viewer, as it does more attention on the part of the artist.

In Purple Beacon, for instance (image at top), the artist chose a filter that radically changed the colour of the sky and water, but left the tone of the girls’ bodies unchanged. The grain amplifications endow the images with a familiarity and immediacy, relating them to the kinds of casual photography found in family photo albums. McGinley’s adherence to apparent realism is not an attempt to trick the viewer; rather, it serves only to make the images that much more evocative and accessible.

McGinley explains his work stating:

My photographs are about removal: bringing people to nondescript locations, to places that aren’t recognizable, removing their clothes, capturing them with a very limited style palette. I try to think about how timelessness, isolation, and style interact.