Here at The Locals HQ it feels like we are always on the move, and while there is nothing better than exploring a new city it can some times be challenging to really get an understand of the essence that makes that city unique from the usual travel guides. A challenge [wherever], a new travel publication, is trying to overcome just this by taking a more literary approach to the usual city guide.

[wherever] describes themselves as  a print magazine of travel literature, travel culture, and travel politics that curates writing and artwork that are germane to movement, connections, transitions, and the general transience of the people, places, and things of the world.

Founder Rawan Hadid, wanted to focus on storytelling as much as traveling telling Cool Hunting, “We’re looking for writing that tells the reader about a place, not a ‘destination’ and are interested in all aspects of travel from anxieties to life-changing moments. The idea was to reflect the realities of travel outside the usual tropes and categories of ‘tourist’ or ‘business traveler’ and try to think of travel causes as more of a spectrum than a checkbox.”

The magazine will be published thrice yearly publication. The first issue of [wherever] will be available on 12 September for $15 from their website.