Will Vibes’ – Forward Motion, will be open to the public for just four days, and will see Vibes transform an empty Mayfair shop with a full property takeover of art on both outside and inside walls; the artist will also present a selection of new works on canvas inside the transformed space.

Will Vibes’ Forward Motion presents a series of work of detailed, abstract and surrealist landscapes, featuring soft and hard visuals against intangible backgrounds. Vibes inspirations behind this body of work are taken from early street art inspirations, alongside Chinese Landscape paintings and modern digital graphics.

For the last decade, Vibes has been at the forefront of the UK street art scene, representing the UK at international level and winning first place in Europe in 2009 at ‘Write for Gold’ the worlds largest street art competition.  He  is also a strong believer, that in today’s urban societies, the colour and imagery we see publicly is the over use of advertising; subconsciously creating a negative effect on society, encouraging greed. In urban spaces that are predominantly overwhelmed by a bland monochrome environment, decreasing happiness and ambition, Vibes aims to create enlightenment, injecting life, culture and happiness back into society through public art murals, intending to give something back to society visually creating a sense of pride and well-being with any given community.

Having studied typography and graphic design, Vibes has established himself as a pioneer of letter manipulating, combined with skills ranging from abstract fine art murals through to photo realism, he has worked predominantly with community based art projects in London as well as youth projects with the BBC, ITV, NSPCC and the NHS.

The exhibit will take place at 39 Great Windmill Street, London W1, August 1st – 4th, 2013