The holidays are here and what better way to get into the Christmas spirit than with Wreath making at

Flor Unikon in Angel with Three Mobile and a borrowed the Samsung Galaxy Alpha to capture the task at hand!

Flor Unikon is a beautiful little flower shop that specializes in Scandinavian-style flower arrangements and workshops. We filled into the shop to enjoy some mulled wine, swedish ginger cookies and learn the fundamentals of wreath making. The wreaths were made on straw frames from Norway with pieces of “Christmas tree” wired on. It was a lot trickier than you would think, and required a great deal of concentration to make sure your wreath actually resembled that and not some hacked apart christmas tree.

Once we finished wiring the wreath, we got to the fun part… the decorating! Paul the florist showed us how this can be done with either wire or a glue gun. I opted for a classic holiday look using citrus fruit and cinnamon sticks. It was a lot of fun and have to say Flor Unikon did a great job helping us all to achieve a relatively professional looking wreath I would actually be proud to hang up in my home.

While making the wreath, I put the Alpha to the test and to be honest had a hard time giving it back at the end of the night. The camera on the phone was incredible at picking up loads of detail, and had plenty of shooting options to pick from. Like many of the Samsung devices, the battery life was impressive and made me wonder why I still have an iPhone.

After wrapping up our wreath making, we headed down to Exmouth market to one of my favourites Moro for dinner. The middle-eastern inspired eatery serves dishes like seabass ceviche, sea urchin, and Pheasant, but also offer an incredible vegetarian mezze platter that they will be happy to make Vegan.

Dinner offered the perfect opportunity to test out the Alpha’s capability in low light, candle light to be exact. Detecting the low light the camera slows the shutter speed accordingly and the results were impressive.

Overall it was a fantastic evening… and I’m pretty sure my next phone is going to be a Samsung.